EV chargers

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points are being rolled out at far more sites as the popularity of electric vehicles increases. There are three main types of EV charger, each suited to a different use.

For commercial sites fast chargers are most common as employees or customers can leave their vehicles on to charge while they are parked, or just for a top up before continuing on their journey. Rapid chargers are most commonly used in petrol and service stations, although their use is becoming more widespread.

EV charger types


Home use


6-12 hours


Offices, shopping centres, car parks


3-4 hours


Fuel stations


30 minutes


Aten Global work to assess clients’ needs before designing an EV solution, for example it often makes sense to install EV chargers at the same time as solar carports as this can cut the energy costs to feed the chargers as well as cut down on the civil engineering costs.

We can consult on how many charge points can be connected, how they will be operated and paid for, for example will they be free or a pay-as-you-go solution, and branding options. We have also developed an easy to use application that can provide a pay solution as well as the data you will need to understand performance, usage statistics etc.

Aten Global can help you identify the best EV charging solution to meet your requirements. Contact us for more information.

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