Solar carports

Solar carports are solar panels mounted above car parking spaces and offer a flexible and cost-effective way to install solar power as they do not require any extra space.

Thanks to their efficient use of space, reduced energy costs and environmental benefits they are a popular choice. We offer a range of solar carport solutions to suit different sites and requirements. All our basic models can be upgraded to include extras such as guttering and water management, which can help with maintenance of car parks, and EV chargers to allow for convenient vehicle charging.

Carport types

Duo66 Solar Carports

Aten Global’s range of Duo66 Solar Panel Carport systems are heavy duty, hard wearing constructions that are built to last. They are designed to cover the smallest possible footprint, while their framework delivers enough space to walk round and access the car. Available as single bay or double bay systems. Our DUO-pitch carports are ideally suited for East/West facing Carports, optimising solar generation.

The anchor positions of our frame are an equivalent width of a standard parking bay, this means that the size of the bay is not reduced. The posts are positioned between the spaces with a typical span of five parking bays, providing cover for five car parking spaces. Other span spacings are also available, designed to meet your specific needs and space.
We have a range of Duo66 designs available to allow for flexible solutions based on the position and size of the car park.

We have a range of Duo66 designs available to allow for flexible solutions based on the position and size of the car park.

Mono66 Solar Carports

Aten Global’s Mono66 Solar Panel Carport systems are built using an innovative, cost effective lightweight steel frame. Our Mono-pitch carports are ideally suited for south facing locations, optimising peak solar generation. The frame ground anchor dimensions are typically around 155mm, which is equivalent to the width of standard parking bay markings. This approach means parking bay dimensions remain the same.


All solar carports can be galvanised or painted and can be upgraded with the following additional extras:

LED motion-controlled lighting

CCTV installation

EV charging point

Powder coated finish

Boxing and plating

Cable management


Water management

Branding and advertising

From a single space to hundreds of spaces, we can help you configure the best solar carport set up to suit your needs, our structures are bespoke, and designed to best fit the requirements and scope of each site. Every system is unique and manufactured to individual specifications.

All of our carports adhere to the following standards and building codes:

Building Regulations Part A

Structure Specified to Execution Class 2
(EX2) in accordance with BS EN 1090

BE EN 1090: Execution of Steel Structures

BS EN 1991-1-1: Actions on structures

BS EN 1991-1-3: Snow Loads

BS EN 1991-1-4: Wind Loads

BS EN 1991-7: Accidental Actions

BS EN 1993-1: Design of Steel Structures

BS 8004: Foundations

BS 8110-1: Structural Use of concrete

ATEN Global carport structures are designed to current requirements and are compatible with all major PV fixings and panel manufacturers.

Typical Mono structural specifications


Minimum height

2.4 x 4.8m

Carpark dimensions

3.4 x 6.0m

Roof dimensions

20.40sq m

Rooftop area

4.20 kWp

Solar PV

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