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solar rooftop panels

Rooftop areas offer a sensible, space saving platform to install solar panels. If a roof area is structurally sound and large enough to accommodate panels it makes sense to use this otherwise dead space to add value to your business.

Thanks to their many benefits rooftop solar panels have become an increasingly popular as a way to deliver energy security and contribute to sustainable development. They are an ideal solution for sites with high energy consumption as they can help to meet current demand and futureproof you against rising requirements, for example by providing power to charge EVs.

Aten Global’s team has worked on designing, delivering and operating large scale rooftop solar projects and was responsible for building some of the largest solar PV arrays in the world,. We use our industry knowledge to ensure smooth installation and operation to deliver the best return on investment for our clients.

Past projects the team has worked on include

Tulip Meats, UK

2.5MW over four roof tops

Mansford Capital, UK

0.6MW over four roof tops

Wisynco, Jamaica

1MW rooftop

Aten Global can offer a full rooftop survey as part of our energy assessment to determine the suitability of your site for rooftop solar panels, either alone or as part of an integrated solution with other renewable products.

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