Our services

Our expert teams offer full service management of solar power projects from energy assessments, design services, EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) and O&M (operations and management) to ensure smooth running, optimum performance and minimum downtime.

We follow a four-step procedure to achieve the best outcome for our clients.


We gather data on:

Site layout and location

Energy usage and requirements

Electrical systems

Connection to the grid

Surveys and Studies

Design & Plan

We design the optimum systems to ensure best performance and maximum return on investment (ROI) through:

Supporting the planning process

Liaising with the DNO on grid option

Understanding the latest renewable technologies

Producing a roadmap showing a fully integrated energy solution with current assets or new ones including fully off grid solutions


We manufacture and build the system:

Site management and CDM regulations

Carports and PV systems

Cabling, trenching and connections

Add EV chargers

Add Battery storage solutions


We optimise the performance of our Client’s assets, maximising return on investment (ROI) through:

Gathering data from site every 15 minutes

Using proactive maintenance programmes (TPM)

Reacting swiftly to all issues, reducing down time

Regular reporting to Clients against our performance targets

Our Energy Management System

Aten Global have developed a bespoke Energy Management System (EMS), which helps us devise the best options for clients and ensures the system runs smoothly after installation.

It works by assessing a client’s current energy profile. From this our engineers can advise on how to reduce this demand and cost of the use of energy.

Once a solution is agreed, costed and accepted we will install the solution, working with the client to deliver either a full solution from day one or a staged introduction to the energy solution. Aten Global’s EMS looks at the energy demand and then offsets this using all the renewable solutions available, which could be solar PV, battery and deployment of EV chargers. This includes grid firm power incorporating a battery solution. Once we have a baseline, the EMS can be used to monitor the system post installation to flag up any issues to minimise downtime and maximise energy efficiency.


Our experienced designers understand existing renewable energy solutions and keep up to date with all the new thinking enabling us to deliver for our clients the optimum design which will in turn deliver optimum performance and best ROI.


Our experienced engineering team ensure the smooth running of every stage of a project managing design, procurement, build and installation and optimising the performance of the whole system.


Our bespoke monitoring and control systems ensure optimum energy performance and reduce downtime to maximise return on investment.