Operations and maintenance

Aten Global can offer all our clients our bespoke Energy Management System, which allows them to manage and monitor their solar energy system.

However we also offer a full O&M service which takes care of the system and its performance. Allowing the expert team at Aten Global to handle O&M typically ensures clients achieve around 15 percent better return on investment than the DIY option.

At the outset of any project we will provide clients with an estimate of how much power their system will generate and therefore the ROI they can expect. By contracting O&M services to Aten Global we take responsibility for ensuring that clients achieve the agreed performance levels.


Our cutting-edge technology continually monitors energy systems to ensure optimum performance.

On detecting a fault, or drop in system performance, our expert teams are on hand to fix issues quickly and if replacement parts are required Aten Global’s supply partners ensure these are delivered fast and at the best price to minimise downtime and cost.

Opting for Aten Global’s O&M service takes the stress out of managing solar energy systems and ensures you get the best performance from day one and beyond.

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